Order 333 – 20 – Math In Space!

It’s another milestone episode and we have another special podcast for you!  This week were incredibly happy to have a returning special guest, Samus!  In topics this week we delve a bit more into Pokemon, but also dabble into Wind Waker HD, Tomb Raider and a few more.  In news we discuss the news regarding the Xbox One resolution and whether it matters and also discuss some of the recent Steam and YouTube debacles.  Finally we wrap up with our Dead Space play through covering chapters four and five.  Come celebrate our newest, greatest and most amazing episode of Order 333 with us!

Order 333 – 19 – Tom and the Dry Heaving Potato

It’s Sunday so you are likely asking yourself what are the topics of discussion for the new Order 333 podcast.  This week it’s simple.  Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon and a little dash of Pokemon.  We talk what is new, our teams, our favorite new additions to the series and why we think people new to the series or those who have never played before should pick this up.  Follow that up with a dash of news and the next part of the Dead Space playthrough and you have yourself a new podcast!

Order 333 – 18 – She Gokus Herself

The Order 333 crew is joined by Sean this week to bring you the newest, bestest and coolest podcast that you expect.  Nay. Deserve!  In this week’s docket we cover games from Beyond: Two Souls to Grand Theft Auto V to Wind Waker HD.  From there we offer a sprinkling of news and wrap it all up with the first part of our Dead Space community play through covering chapters one and two.  That is this week’s episode in a package – err – or crate.  Now make like Isaac Clarke and stomp it into your earholes.

Order 333 – 17 – Breaking Brandon

Halloween is upon us and the Order 333 team is getting excited to celebrate!  First on deck is Order 333’s 33 Days of Halloween contest that we are running all month.  We are giving away a Steam code for a game every day and we want you to win!  The group comes together to share what they’ve been playing including Tomb Raider, Beyond: Two Souls, Grand Theft Auto Online and more!  Staying in the spirit of the season everyone brings their favorite Halloween games and traditions to the table.  Welcome to the newest, greatest episode of Order 333 yet!


Order 333 – 16B – Previously On Order 333

What did you think about the sanity effect in the last podcast?  This is what you have been waiting for!  More video game discussion and general hilarity from the Order 333 crew.  Mike, Brandon and Tom bring you an extra dose of Order 333 to help get you through the rest of the week!