Order 333 – 42 – This Is A Battle Of Attrition!

This week on Order 333: Tom realizes he has a thing for building and deploying weapons through Titanfall and Weapon Shop de Omasse. Mike fights bioterrorists in Seattle through inFamous: Second Son.  Brandon, meanwhile, decides he would like to live the crazy and Tony Hawk-esque life of a goat in Goat Simulator.  Other topics this week include: SMITE, Bravely Default, Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift, rumors of The Last of Us coming to the PS4 and more!

Order 333 – 41 – There’s A Rome-Asia

This week on Order 333 Tom explores the exotic fantasy lands of Rome-Asia.  Meanwhile, Brandon plays games that he doesn’t like because they are free.  Speaking of Penguins…. Mike and long missing guest NLoyalist split hairs on Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Has it gone cold?  Other topics this week include: Weapon Shop de Omasse, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, Sony’s VR Headset, Twitch Plays Pokemon and so much more!  Did I mention Titanfall?  Don’t worry!  It’s edited in!

Order 333 – 40 – Stand By For Tree-Fall

This week on Order 333 Tom and Brandon prepare for Titanfall and get heated debating it’s finer points.  Meanwhile, Mike declares Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze an early runner for a Best Use of Penguin award and the group debates giving Tom an award for his poor jokes… The Try Hard award?  Other topics discussed this week: South Park: Stick of Truth, Assassin’s Creed, Insurgency, Jack Trenton leaves Sony, Drive Club delays and more!

Order 333 – 39 – Captain Planet Crunch

We’re goin’ down to South Park gonna have ourselves a time.  This week on Order 333 Mike and Brandon find themselves enjoying their vacation in South Park: Stick of Truth now that the turmoiled game has finally been released.  Tom makes a joke that the whole world is sad about.  Sean stops in to share what he has been playing since his last visit (answer: a lot).  The group contemplates TV show and cereal crossovers.  Topics discussed this week: ABC’s of Death, South Park: Stick of Truth, Assassin’s Creed series, House of Cards, Titanfall Season Pass, departures at Naughty Dog and more!

Order 333 – 38 – Bill Cosby Is So Happy For Us

Hey guys! Pull out those pudding pops and sit for a spell while we of the Order 333 podcast entertain your earholes with words about video games.  This week we offer up some talk on new and old topics.  Back up to bat we have Puppeteer, Knack, Bravely Default, Wonderful 101 and new with Xbox Fitness, Strider and Thief with some others mixed in!  Also we answer some fascinating questions like: When does Brandon draw the line on a joke?  When is the horse dead? Has Tom ever played Assassin’s Creed? Jell-o?  All this and more on the next, most exciting, best and most AAA episode yet!