Order 333 – 64 – Dr Thomas Nadcream

This week on Order 333: Mike feeds his power hungry ego with a taste of world domination in Civilization V: Brave New World and a dose of over the top super powers with inFamous: First Light.  Brandon travels to the future and gives us insight into the Crew while brushing up his math skills with Threes.  Meanwhile, Dr Thomas Nadcream makes a killing of jokes.  Other topics this week include: Mario Kart 8 DLC, Smash Bros rumors, Pokken Fighter, Playstation Plus September update and more!

Order 333 – 63 – A Short Week

This week on Order 333:  Last week the group reunited with tales of horror, heroes, magic and world adventures!  With all of the excitement spent on last episode Mike, Brandon and Tom find themselves in a summer slump!  Mike finishes up with Kirby Triple Deluxe.  Brandon tries out Playstation Now.  Tom watches some Hunter X Hunter and plays some naughty anime game.  Other topics this week include: Lots of RUMORS! Smash Bros! Resident Evil Revelations 2! Mario Kart 8! Come and join us for our SECOND shortest episode yet! (But still packed with awesome!)

Order 333 – 62 – VanLederhosenstraat

This week on Order 333: Mike returns from his first trip abroad and shares what he was playing while he traveled including the Louvre guide for the 3DS. Brandon has a movie marathon and talks Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile Tom plays FTL, probably… Also after the episode everyone gets some jumps from a dissection of recently released playable teaser P.T.  Other topics this week include: Silent Hills, Kirby Triple Deluxe, The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Gamescom and so much more!

Best of Order 333 – Refreshing Steam

A classic clip from Order 333 – Episode #05 – Refreshing Steam

Ever wonder why Steam is so difficult to visit during the sales? Phil offers up a pretty valid argument against Brandon. . .

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Order 333 – 61 – Clash of Phil

This week on Order 333: While the cat is away, the mice will play… Is how the saying goes.  This week while Mike is galavanting around Europe guest host Phil Haymes wrangles Tom and Brandon together for a podcast.  What could they talk about?  Will Tom say the dreaded FTL word?  Will Phil bestow a new nickname to Luigi?  Does Brandon wish this episode was edited by Mike?  Find out this and more on this week’s episode!

PS: Stay tuned after the episode for Mike’s Vacation Travel Log!

Order 333 – 60 – Birthday Podcast 666

This week on Order 333:  GAME DEBATE ACTIVATE! This week is our first Game Debate Activate episode.  This week Mike, Brandon and Tom bring their own topics to the table to hash them out.  Which video game worlds would you like to vacation in?  Which game series needs to stop?  What would make for better Club Nintendo digital rewards?  What were the first games that stuck with you?  To top it off they all face off and build a list of Top 10 3DS/Vita games to help you make the right choices for your own vacation!

P.S. It’s also Mike’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday Mike!