Order 333 – 81 – I’m Positive He’s Cute

This week on Order 333: Game Debate, Activate! Mike, Brandon, Tom and Nick take on mostly holiday themed questions this week.  What is your best gaming related holiday memory?  If Santa could bring you any gaming related (and feasible) holiday gift what would it be?  Which gaming character would you like to (or not) spend […]

Order 333 – 80 – The Power of Love

This week on Order 333: Mike and Nick feel the power of addiction as they share stories of Amiibo hunting woe.  Brandon gets his teamwork on in Don’t Starve Together.  Meanwhile the whole crew is working on their backlog in the last regular episode of 2014!  Other topics this week include: Big Hero 6, Captain […]

Order 333 – 79 – Sound of Googling

This week on Order 333:  Mike is ready for adventure with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.  Brandon is ready for adventure with Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.  Nick is ready for adventure with installing a new PS4 hard drive!  Moral of the story: We had tons of adventures this week!  Other topics include: The Game […]

Order 333 – 78 – Punched My Amiibo

This week on Order 333: It’s a full house this week and right in the season of games!  Tom is catching up on his lost game time with Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Nick adds Pokemon Alpha Sapphire into his gaming mix.  Mike finds he has a bunch of game time this week and gets into Civilization: […]