Game Crunch – 85 – Cheering For An Enema

This week on Game Crunch:  Brandon gets down to the games he has been playing with Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell.  Mike decides to turn tables on the slow end grind of Final Fantasy X by jumping (air) ship to the lengthy Codename STEAM demo. Nick returns from MAGFest and shares his tales of gaming glory.  Will he ever finish Metroid Prime?  Meanwhile in news the crew talks Amiibo, Indigo Prophecy and the end of Club Nintendo!  Other topics this week include: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Crimzon Clover, Scrolls and much more!

Game Crunch – 84 – Don’t Wanna Hold Your Eyes

This week on Game Crunch:  The podcast crew is back at their first regular episode of 2015!  Turns out though that between the Game of the Year episodes and some early recordings in December they all had a lot of pent up gaming experiences to share!  Brandon starts off with Saints Row 4 and a return to the original Manhunt.  Nick keeps chugging along with his Metroid series playthrough now creeping into Metroid Prime.  Mike gets into Final Fantasy X and tries out Super Mario Galaxy 2, which just became downloadable on Wii U.  Finally, Tom plays a lot (Dragon Age Inquisition) and so little (Captain Toad Treasure Tracker) at the same time!  Other topics this week include: the never ending Amiibo struggle, New 3DS XL coming to the US, new Fire Emblem, The Wolf Among Us, Black Mirror, Super Smash Bros for Wii U and much more!

The End of the Order and a New Beginning…

Hello Friends!

Mike here and I wanted to share with you some exciting news about the end of the Order.  Wait?  Exciting news about the end of the Order?  Yes!  Order 333 has run it’s course.  That is the name and NOT the podcast.  If you are an avid listener to the podcast you likely have noticed that we have evolved into Game Crunch!

Over the last few months we (Mike, Tom, Brandon, Nick and some outside opinions) have been discussing the podcast name and what it means.  What we ultimately decided is that the name no longer reflects who we are as a podcast.  The Order 333 name was originally selected because it connected us with what was going on with Shadow of the Eternals during it’s kickstarter.  It also served us and the community well from that point until the rebranding, or reBrandoning as we like to call it, as a beacon of hope for the project.  However, now with Shadow of the Eternals rebirth and no longer an Order to match, the name, we thought, no longer reflected the interests or goals of the podcast.  We knew that we needed a name that was easier to look at and know who we were, what we do and come off more welcoming to new listeners who might be interested in a great gaming podcast.

So what is going to change other than the name you might ask?  Nothing!  Well the logo I guess and that is still coming… But otherwise it’s still the same hosts, the same guests, the same segments and even the same episode count.  We are (finally!) launching a new community playthrough, we just released our 2014 Game of the Year episodes and we are looking to keep the same excellence that you have been accustomed to in our nearly two year run!

Thank you EVERYONE for being so awesome with us over our 80+ episode run so far!  We hope we are able to keep you entertained for many more episodes to come!

83 – Game Of The Year 2014 – Finale

Welcome to the final segment of Game Crunch’s Game of the Year 2014!  In this episode the group works with Robot Tom to build a top ten list until Human Tom can arrive.  Will Human Tom be able to keep Banner Saga in play?  Afterwards Brandon, Mike, Nick and Tom share their personal top ten lists while taking bets on who can best predict the other’s top three.

Vote for Community Playthrough #3!

It's time for our next community play through!  Help us pick which game to play!  Poll will end on January 31st!
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Resident Evil 4
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Beyond Good and Evil
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Shadows of the Damned
5 Vote
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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Final Fantasy VI
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Dead Space 2
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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
12 Vote

82 – Game Of The Year 2014 – Part 2

Game Crunch is back for the second part of our Game of the Year 2014 awards!  In this episode we cover: Scariest Game, Best Sequel, Character of the Year, Biggest Disappointment, Best Surprise, Best Looking, Game Tom Cried Most Over, Best Multiplayer and the Lightning Round!

82 – Game Of The Year 2014 – Part 1

We start off the year with some  big announcements! Following that we move into part one of our 2014 Game of the Year discussions!  Part one discussions include: Best Soundtrack, Best Use of Motion / Touch / Camera Controls, News Story of the Year, Best DLC/Add On/Expansion, Game you want to see made into a franchise, Game Moment More Painful than Torture, and Best Re-Release or Remake.