Game Crunch – 97 – Fresh Off The Precious

This week on Game Crunch:  Mike continues his adventures on the Bionis in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and unleashes his true feelings about Donkey Kong 64 in his first attempt to play the game.   Brandon returns to Grand Theft Auto V, now better in first person.  Tom talks about his quest to play Fire Emblem Gaiden.  Nick finds out that he is never alone while he streams Never Alone and even when he talks about Mortal Kombat X, as he teams up with Brandon to share some love on the new release! Elsewhere in the podcast: Mewtwo DLC released for Smash Bros, new StreetPass games: Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z released, news about the Mario Kart DLC, Guitar Hero Live, Star Ocean 5, Mass Effect 4 rumors and a ton more!

Game Crunch – 96 – No, Mine’s Shorter!

This week on Game Crunch: Mike offers  up his final thoughts on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Super Mario 64.  Now with those off of his game list he can devote his time into the meaty Xenoblade Chronicles 3D!  Brandon takes the new free to play Pokemon Rumble World for a spin.  Nick, determined to beat a game, trucks back into Axiom Verge. Wrapping things up the crew jumps into news to talk about a bunch of announcements and rumors: Monster Hunter Stories, Fantasy Life 2, Professor Layton 7, Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, Uncharted Trilogy for PS4, etc. All this and more on the latest and greatest episode of Game Crunch!

Game Crunch – 95 – Amiibopocalypse

This week on Game Crunch: As last week wrapped up a lot of games for the crew a bunch of new ones have popped up.  Mike starts a new game in a franchise he visited earlier this year.  Can you guess what it is better than the Game Crunch crew?  Nick picks up the sequel err- clone of Metroid, Axiom Verge. Tom is back with a few new mobile games.  Meanwhile, Brandon cashes in his Club Nintendo rewards for New Super Mario Bros. 2.  That isn’t all though!  The long awaited and prophesied Nintendo Direct finally hit and they sort through all of the goodies that Nintendo threw at them and the pains of collecting Amiibo!

Game Crunch – 94 – April Fools

This week on Game Crunch: Nick and Brandon find themselves taking on the new games of spring with Bloodborne and Borderlands: The Handsome collection.  Mike takes spring cleaning to heart by cleaning out his backlog to prepare for new games!  This week he finished up both Metal Gear Solid 3 and Resident Evil Revelations 2! However all three find themselves to be the April Fools as they recorded the podcast a day before the Nintendo Direct was announced!  Prepare for discussion on rumors for the Nintendo Direct and of course they couldn’t forget to talk about the Wii U losing Zelda till 2016!