Game Crunch – 102 – Intimate Conversation

This week on Game Crunch: This week’s holiday left Mike and Brandon on their own to catch up on what they’ve been playing and the news leading into E3.  With Brandon’s shiny and new Playstation TV he’s found himself uncovering a new catalog of games he hasn’t been able to experience yet, like Muramasa Rebirth and Dragon’s Crown, but even that can’t stop him from taking on the Witcher 3!  On Mike’s end of things he finally got around to finishing up Yoshi’s New Island.  On the news side the crew talks Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Bloodborne expansion, Iwata not attending E3 and more!

Game Crunch – 101 – Taintclouds

This week on Game Crunch: Now that Mike has made his final peace with Donkey Kong 64 he soars into his next adventure on the islands of Baten Kaitos Origins.  Nick and Brandon on the other hand take gaming to the road with Project CARS.  The group also takes time to talk about their time with Splatoon as it approaches closer to launch.  News really starts to ramp up as the E3 HYPE TRAIN starts into motion!  With talk of Gears of War, Doom 4, Fallout 4, Nintendo World Championship and much more!

Game Crunch – 100 – Georgia No Peaches

This week on Game Crunch: Game Crunch is 100!  Mike wanted a 100th episode extravaganza so that is what the crew set out to deliver!  Starting off the episode Game Crunch is happy to unveil their new theme song delivered by the one and only NLoyalist! This week’s episode is a game debate episode with the theme being the greatest in gaming! The crew answers burning questions like, which games do you come back to year after year? What are your favorite first party developed games? What is your favorite soundtrack? What is your favorite preorder bonus?  Mike brings a quiz based on the best selling series.  Can you do better that Brandon Nick and Tom? Finally, they all converge to work out a Top 20 greatest games of all time!  Can you agree with what makes the list? Can you handle the massive amount of content in this episode? Can you believe that Georgia has not one single peach in the entire state?  All this and more in the greatest episode of Game Crunch yet!

Game Crunch – 99 – Deaf Monkey

This week on Game Crunch: Mike finishes up Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, but now he is forced to finish his greatest foe: Donkey Kong 64.  He is committed to finishing it, but his anger continues to intensify.  Not everyone is on the hate train this week though, Nick picks up Shovel Knight for the PS4 and finds it to be a shining example of how to Kickstart a game.  Brandon finds a new addiction in Final Fantasy Record Keeper and love in The Last of Us Remastered.  This week in news the crew talks about Yooka-Laylee and it’s Kickstarter success, D4 coming to PC, Nintendo’s admission regarding the Amiibo dilemma.  Other topics this week include: Yoshi’s New Island, Ouya, Puzzle and Dragons and much more!

Game Crunch – 98 – Janky Kang

This week on Game Crunch: Mike and Nick spend some time with Big Blue.  No, it is not a new F-Zero game, but the awesome new Mario Kart 8 content! After craving it for a while, Brandon finally jumps into Bravely Default.  However, the meat and potatoes of this episode though is in the news!  The crew talks about Silent Hills cancellation and what this means for Konami’s future.  Following that up there is talk about the Xenoblade Chronicles X Treehouse Live, how many Five Nights at Freddies is too much, paid mods on Steam and much more!