Game Crunch – 133 – Too Many Nicks

This week on Game Crunch: Just in time for the New Year (and the last episode before the big Game of the Year discussions) the Game Crunch podcast has some last minute games to talk about!  Mike and Nick have been very busy exploring Mira in the expansive Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Nick also spends some time catching up with the ever addictive Splatoon and revisiting Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Meanwhile, Nick Too joins the crew to talk about what has been keeping him busy: Star Wars, Until Dawn, Metal Gear Solid V, Lego Dimensions and much more!  The crew also takes some time to talk about the final Smash Bros direct.  All this and more in the final Game Crunch of 2015!  Game on!

Game Crunch – 132 – I’m Better!

This week on Game Crunch:  Game Debate, Activate!  Happy Holidays! In this holiday themed episode the Game Crunch crew takes on a range of questions about family!  Who are your favorite video game families?  What are the best games to play with your family?  The run the spectrum talking about video games and families over the years.  The episode wouldn’t be complete without a quiz where you can challenge yourself to name video game family members AND they make a list of the top ten family games that destroy families!

Game Crunch – 131 – Super Boy

This week on Game Crunch: Game Debate, Activate! In this episode’s game debate we take on the Super Nintendo!  The Super Famicom recently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary and what a better way to celebrate then by talking about it’s greatest games and contributions to gaming?!  Questions include: What are your favorite Super Nintendo games?  What Super Nintendo games have the best soundtrack? Why are Super Nintendo games so timeless? What are the best game developments that came from the Super Nintendo era?  Where would we be if the Super Nintendo CD Add-on made it to existence? Rounding things out there is also a quiz and they build a list of the top ten Super Nintendo games!

Game Crunch – 130 – Kill Or Be Killed

This week on Game Crunch: Mike is learning an important lesson this week via Undertale – Kill or Be Killed… but do you really have to kill Toriel?  Brandon the self declared Mister Elitist talks about his new computer upgrade and his return to games with his new found power like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Dead Rising 3, but also new craziness like Just Cause 3!  Rounding it out Nick takes himself back to the older days with Dark Cloud’s release on the PS4 and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. Rolling into the holidays news usually can be slim however, with the Game Awards of 2015 there was news aplenty for the first week of December! Game on!

Game Crunch – 129 – Jonathan Taylor Timeless

This week on Game Crunch: It’s time to finish up this year’s best releases to start getting ready for Game of the Year!  Mike finishes Life is Strange and adds some more thoughts onto Rise of the Tomb Raider.  Nick shares his final thoughts on Fallout 4. Meanwhile, Brandon finally finds himself catching up on Infamous Second Son, but not without getting his hand into Undertale!  There isn’t much news to speak of, but lots of discussion about the what the best games of the year are and speculation on The Game Awards 2015.  Game on!