Game Crunch – 141 – Come Out And Play-Ay

This week on Game Crunch: Nick and DJ return to share with us all of their delight from MAGFest.  DJ takes some time to share his thoughts on Street Fighter V.  Mike talks about the new forever game: Fire Emblem Fates.  Wrapping up what they’ve been playing Brandon has fallen hard for the Division in it’s beta form.  There is also news!  And fun!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 140 – Bowling Alley

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon starts the podcast off talking about Dying Light: The Following and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.  Nick and DJ talk about their final gaming rushes before heading off to MAGFest.  Rounding out the now playing section Mike tells the group two stories: one of war and victory in Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide and another of isolation and friendship in Firewatch.  However, it seems not everyone is on the same page with Firewatch.  After a bit of non-spoiler discussion during the podcast proper Mike and Brandon go into a heated full spoiler discussion AFTER the podcast outro.  Until Next Week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 139 – Put It In Ampersand

This week on Game Crunch: DJ -tries- to wrap up a few games with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Gravity Rush and Final Fantasy Explorers.  Brandon has a thing for Satan with Pony Island, Diablo 3 and Bloodborne’s DLC.  Wrapping up the segment Mike and Nick are scraping the bottom of the barrel with what they’ve been playing.  Mike manages to scramble together a few more thoughts on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide.  On the news side of things though MOTHER 3?  All this and more in the latest Game Crunch!  Game on!

Game Crunch – 138 – Aha Moments

This week on Game Crunch: 2016 continues its impressive start! Brandon and Nick both getting their expeditions on with new release Final Fantasy Explorers and spending time with Rise of the Tomb Raider.  DJ talks about his time in the Street Fighter V Beta and talks about some new additions to Final Fantasy XVI. Rounding out what they’ve been playing Mike talks about his time lost on an island in The Witness. There is plenty of news this week, but two major discussions take the spotlight: Should Super Smash Bros. be ported to the NX for launch? and At what point in remaking a game does it deviate too much from the original?  All this and more in this week’s Game Crunch!  Game on!