Game Crunch – 150 – Something To Talk About

This week on Game Crunch: We are celebrating our 150th episode!  Starting off with what we’ve been playing Mike has taken on saving the Lylat System in the new Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard.  Brandon finds himself back to the grind in Dark Souls 3.  Nick is also saving the universe two times over between Ratchet and Clank for the PS4 and the Doom beta.  In news Brandon is wrong (about Five Nights at Freddy’s), Rock Band 4 gets an update, was Borderlands 3 announced? and more! Wrapping up the amazing package that is the 150th episode we start an official questions segment and talk about what we are excited about E3 (note: this was recorded JUST before Nintendo dropped their stealth E3 news this week).  All that and more in this week’s Game Crunch!  Till next week – Game On!

Game Mix – 001- We Need Your Help Star Fox

Welcome to Game Crunch: Game Mix! As a group we’ve always been very passionate about video game music and remixes.  Stemming from our discussion about video game soundtracks during the 2015 Game of the Year discussions we really started to talk about ways that we could share the music that we were passionate about with our listeners!  Since January we’ve gone through various demos of our concept and we’ve decided it’s finally time to share what we’ve been working on with you!

For our first episode I decided to commemorate the launch of a new Star Fox game and take a musical tour around the Lylat system.

Corneria (SNES) Remix – Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arrangement Supervisor: Kentaro Ishizaka,
Composer: Nintendo,
Arranger: HAL Laboratory, Inc.

Defining Corneria – Sean Haberman – Harmony of Heroes –

WatchYour Step Fox – garligan – Harmony of Heroes –

Thorntale Hollow Day Theme – Star Fox Adventures – David Wise

Area 6 cover by Jonny Atma – YouTubePatreon

Menu Music – Star Fox Assault

Star Wolf theme – Star Fox Assault

Star Fox Assault Composers:

Yoshie Arakawa
Yoshinori Kawamoto

Mission Complete – Star Fox Zero


Star Fox’s Theme – Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero Composers:

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Yukari Suita
Hitomi Kurokawa
Naofumi Harada
Rei Kondoh
Keiki Kobayashi

Main Theme (Star Fox) – Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arrangement: Seiji Momoi
Composer: Nintendo




Game Crunch – 149 – I Need Koopa Coins

This week on Game Crunch: Game Debate, Activate!  This week it’s all about video game movies! While we have a slew of video game movies en route and summer blockbusters on the way it seemed like the perfect time to sit down and hammer out the campy video game movies that have been released over the years.  The Game Crunch crew discusses their favorites, what makes a bad movie, which ones they are looking forward too and more!  It also wouldn’t be a Game Debate episode without a video game movie quiz based on critical review quotes from movie critics and a list of the top five video game movies!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 148 – Air Quotations

This week on Game Crunch: Mike and Brandon take the time to take on the time warping game Quantum Break.  Brandon, likely due to his new time slowing powers, also has been putting in time with Dark Souls 3 and Enter the Gungeon.  Meanwhile, Nick takes the Battleborn beta for a spin.  On the news side: Titanfall 2 is coming, but is there something to be excited for.  The next Legend of Zelda game is rumored to have the ability to choose gender and have voice acting for non-player characters.  Is that a worthwhile change for the series?  Also Final Fantasy VII is being remade episodically.  Is it a money grab or does it make sense?  All this and more on this week’s Game Crunch!  Until next week, Game On!

Game Crunch – 147 – In Bread

This week on Game Crunch: Miitomo is out and the crew discusses their mixed feelings on Nintendo’s first app release.  But if you’ve ever wanted to know our favorite thing about cats this app would be the place to find out about it!  Mike offers his final thoughts on Hyrule Warriors Legends.  Brandon and DJ talk about all of the Final Fantasy XV news and demo.  Brandon also finds himself in an interesting place after playing Hunie Cam Studio.  Other topics this week include: Star Ocean V, Doom, Killer Instinct, Bravely Second and much more!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 146 – Wittle Wed Widing Hwood

This week on Game Crunch: Though the odds were stacked against it Mike and Brandon find a lot to enjoy in the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors Legends.  Brandon is playing the endgame of the Division.  Nick finds himself back in the world of Fallout 4 thanks to the new DLC Automatron.  DJ, meanwhile, finds himself playing catch up this week.  Other topics this week include: Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC, Digimon World 4, Lords of the Fallen, Vermentide, Zero Time Dilemma and much more! Until next week – Game On!