Game Crunch – 154 – Dill Dozer

This week on Game Crunch: ALMOST everyone is waiting for Overwatch so it’s only a matter of picking through the backlog while waiting for the shiny new game servers to go up.  Brandon returns to Marvel Heroes, Counter-Strike GO and the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC.  Nick on the other hand keeps pushing through Uncharted 4, but has he reached his point of no return on Homefront: The Revolution?  Mike, meanwhile, keeps up his momentum with Nathan Drake now moving onto Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.  As E3 looms news is nearly non-exsistant this episode so the crew takes on some Pre-E3 show questions – How will the half generational systems fair (PS4K & Xbox 1.5)? Can Nintendo have a successful E3 with only one game? Then they take on the recent article about Uncharted 4’s Focus Tester.  All this and more in the latest Game Crunch! Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 153 – Foilage

This week on Game Crunch:  It’s been a week of game releases!  The Game Crunch crew has rejoined Nathan Drake for a final(?) adventure in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.  Nick and Brandon take on the new FPS revival of the future, DOOM.  Meanwhile, Mike strays to the past with a return to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS4.  Wrapping up the game playing Nick returns to the spotlight to share his… love… of Homefront: The Revolution.  News wise there are a lot of new game announcements some exciting (Civilization VI) some not as much (Star Wars Battlefront 2017), but it does make the time leading up to E3 more exciting.  Our question of the week talks about online harassment.  Can make Blizzard and Twitch make an immediate difference in the state of the online community?  All this and more!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Mix – 002 – Mike’s Picks

Welcome back to Game Crunch: Game Mix!  This week’s episode is an slightly updated version of one of the Game Mix prototypes.  In this episode Mike picks some of his favorite video game music tracks to share with you!

Strike The Earth – Shovel Knight – Jake Kaufman – Available on Bandcamp

The Prettiest Weed – Sword & Sworcery LP – Jim Guthrie – Available on BandcampAvailable on AmazonAvailable on iTunes

Moo Moo Meadows – Mario Kart 8 -Atsuko Asahi / Shiho Fujii / Ryo Nagamatsu / Kenta Nagata / Yasuaki Iwata

Destroyed Skyworld (Kid Icarus Uprising) – Super Smash Bros for Wii U / 3DS – Manami Kiyota

The Courtroom’s Magician – Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney – Tomohito Nishiura / Yasumasa Kitagawa

Douse Shinundakara – Gravity Rush – Kohei Tanaka – Available on Playstation Store

Let’s Dance Boys – Bayonetta – Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Parting And… – Xenoblade Chronicles – ACE+


Game Crunch – 152 – Cheese Stick

This week on Game Crunch: The Overwatch beta is out and everyone is taking it for a spin to mixed results.  Speaking of taking out for a spin –  Brandon hops in the seat of Fast Racing NEO and Star Fox Zero.  Fun fact: the current level of hype for Uncharted 4 is real!  In News: Mario is coming to Minecraft and another world war is coming with the announcement of Battlefield 1.  Wrapping things up the Game Crunch team talks about the viability of cross platform play.  Can it work?  All this and more on this week’s Game Crunch!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 151 – Shivering Isles In Space

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon takes flight in Star Fox Zero and returns to his old mistress Overwatch as the final release draws more and more near.  Mike, thanks to the Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle, finally took the time to take Affordable Space Adventures for a spin.  Also he completely forgot that he played Alan Wake finally – so there’s that!  Wrapping up what they’ve been playing Nick talks about the Ratchet and Clank movie, he talks a bit about Destiny (remember that game?) and starts something new with Wolfenstein: The New Order.  The excitement doesn’t stop there though!  Nintendo’s investor news takes up a lot of discussion. Did they mess up E3?  Can the NX launch properly in March?  So many questions!  Until next week – Game On!