Game Crunch – 163 – Konichiwa Bitches!

This week on Game Crunch: Game Debate, Activate! With Mike on his way to Japan the Game Crunch crew decide to talk about Japan! They try and answer burning questions like: Why did you become interested in Japan? What games do you associate with Japan?  If you were going to Japan where would you like to […]

Game Crunch – 162 – Spanish October

This week on Game Crunch:  Mike, Brandon and Nick are still stuck playing Pokemon Go!  How long can this craze last?  It’s not stopping them from playing some new games though!  Brandon decides to attempt the figure out the Kingdom Hearts story starting with Kingdom Hearts 1.5.  He also takes on The World Ends of […]

Game Mix – 004 – Rhythm Dance Thief Music Heaven

It’s time for a new Game Crunch: Game Mix!  This episode is taking on music from the music game genre!  Have a listen and jam on! Pajama Party – Rhythm Heaven Megamix Composers: Tsunku, Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Ito, Yumi Takahashi, Megumi Inoue V for Extreme – Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Composer: dj TAKA Trepak – Donkey Konga 2 Composer: Junko […]

Game Crunch – 161 – Craze Spanning The Nation

This week on Game Crunch: Mike, Brandon and Nick have all found themselves trying to catch them all with Pokemon Go!  The new trainers share their stories and tips about their Pokemon adventures.  When he isn’t out catching Pokemon though, Nick has returned to an old favorite: Diablo 2.  Brandon takes the new Overwatch character, […]

Game Crunch – 160 – You’re Banned Forever

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon takes on some new releases like Inside and Furi.  Nick is over the moon with Final Fantasy IV, but Pokemon Go is having some issues.  Mike returns to one of his guilty pleasure games, Hyrule Warriors Legends, to try out the new Link’s Awakening DLC.  While there isn’t a lot […]

Game Crunch – 159 – Firecracker In A Can of SpaghettiOs

This week on Game Crunch: Nick finally has a chance to play the long awaited Mighty Number 9!  Was it worth the wait?  In his usual fashion Brandon takes on the Steam Sale in a big way!  He may not have brought down the servers refreshing this year, but he did bring home plenty to […]