Game Crunch – 172 – X Button Or The X Key

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon is cruising around Australia in Forza Horizon 3.  Nick, who has also been patiently waiting for Forza Horizon 3, but not enough for the big money edition has been patiently funneling his anticipation into Forza Horizon 2 (and finishing up the end to Bioshock).  Meanwhile, in between games, Mike dives back into his backlog to start cleaning house.  First up: Tokyo Mirage Sessions.  The return to the game left Mike in a position to answer a question about his personal thoughts on buying to win. Wrapping things up in the question of the week the Game Crunch team take on the concept of using time as a means of validation.  Does time spent in a game mean anything to you?  All this and more in this week’s Game Crunch!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 171 – No Knowing Where We’re Rowing

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon enlightens the crew, including this week’s guest Michael, with a little bit of Forza and a little gem he found on Steam called Bad Ass Babes.  Both Nick and Brandon took a return to Rapture with the release of Bioshock Remastered.  Nick shares his final thoughts on Danganronpa 2.  Did the trials finally get the best of him?  Speaking of trials Mike hopes to give justice to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice with his final thoughts.  This week’s guest, Michael, shares his return to the Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Dead Rising 2 and all of the crazy politicking going on in in the outer reaches of space in Stellaris.  News delves into some interesting discussion on the NX (WHERE IS IT?), South Park delays and lawsuits.  All this and more on the latest Game Crunch! Until next week – Game On

Game Crunch – 170 – Gooches and GameStop

This week on Game Crunch: New guest Philip joins the cast for this episode!  Mike takes on the courtroom drama in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice!  Does he have any OBJECTIONS!? Brandon puts some time into Halo 5: Forge on PC and experiences a slew of creativity in the user created content.  Nick doubles down into Danganronpa.  Philip shares a lot about what has been going on with him from his experiences with the new 3DS Streetpass games to his experiences with YouTube as a content creator.  On the news front there are delays (Last Guardian) and never coming (Fallout 4 mods to PS4) and a bunch of tidbits in between!  All this and more on the latest Game Crunch!  Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 169 – Mario at the Special Olympics

This week on Game Crunch:  The Game Crunch cast is joined by Josh to talk about video games and more!  Brandon starts off the show by talking about Death Row to Canada and Mother Russia Bleeds.  Mike steps in to talk about Picross 3D Round 2.  Nick is full steam ahead on Danganronpa and already working on the sequel in between bits of Final Fantasy V.  Josh talks to us about his adventures in catching them all in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and which he rinses off with a bit of Resident Evil 4 on the side.  News is where it’s at in this episode between a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo at the Apple conference and  a Playstation Pro announcement there is a lot of info to sort through this week.  All this and more! Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 168 – Brown Spooky Bat

This week on Game Crunch: Mike, Brandon and Nick are joined by new guest Chris from Casting For Two to talk about all of the things going on in the gaming world universe.  Mike returns back to the fray with new thoughts on Metroid Prime Federation Force.  Nick dives deep in to Dragon Grandpa (or Danganronpa) and shares his joys and frustrations with the deaths and misery of his classmates.  Chris rekindles some underlying tension bringing up the Titanfall 2 trial.  Brandon rounds out the games segment with his tale of No More No Man’s Sky and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for PS4.  Don’t worry though!  There is plenty of Q&A this week as the crew spins off into discussions on controllers, upcoming games, favorite spin-offs and more!  Until next week – Game On!