Game Crunch – 336 – Aesop Fable Sale

This week on Game Crunch: Nick gives us a Google Stadia update and also tries out another streaming service Disney +. Mike goes on a fitness adventure with Ring Fit Adventure. He also tries out the expansion bundle for Civilization VI on the Switch. WARNING: DO NOT BUY UNTIL ITS FIXED! Brandon and Mike give […]

Game Crunch – 335 – White Area

This week on Game Crunch: Pokemon Sword and Shield are here and Mike and Brandon share their extensive thoughts on the newest entry from the long running series. Nick takes one for the team and shares his thoughts on the launch of the late entry to the console wars: Google Stadia. It’s a doozy! Wrapping […]

Game Crunch – 334 – Test Fall Damage

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon and Nick explore the post apocalyptic world of Death Stranding. As Mike finishes up his time with Luigi’s Mansion 3 he compares notes with Nick as he starts his spooky adventure. Nick starts his movie watching redemption with Terminator 2. All this and more on the latest Game Crunch! […]

Order 333 – 333 – Episode 333

This week on Game Crunch Order 333: Terry makes his debut in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The crew talks about Pokemon Sword/Shield rumors. Death Stranding arrives to polarizing reviews what does it mean? Brandon rejoins the Yakuza with the release of Yakuza 4. All this and more on the latest Game Crunch Order 333. Until […]

Game Crunch – 332 – Hot Rod Flames

This week on Game Crunch: Mike gets spooky with Luigi’s Mansion 3. Nick and Brandon start into Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Brandon also gets his Fallout fix in The Outer Worlds. All this and more on the latest Game Crunch! Until next week – Game On!

Game Crunch – 331 – Sar-Cat-Stick

This week on Game Crunch: Games and news are low, but it is close to spooky season. Excitement for Call of Duty is high and Call of Duty Mobile is driving the hype. Mike, Brandon and Nick discuss their Halloween plans and Nick makes a startling revelation that changes everything. All this and more on […]

Game Crunch – 330 – Whatever Floats Your Boat

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon gets hyped for Fortnight 2 and finally gets to take Code Vein for a spin. Nick has final thoughts on Tales from the Borderlands. Mike makes some progress on Dragon Quest XI. Theres also a bit of news. All this and more on the latest Game Crunch! Until next […]

Game Crunch – 329 – Wii Wii The Joycons

This week on Game Crunch: Nick plays Untitled Goose Game and watches Joker. Brandon plays Maple Story 2. Mike gets married and shares the stories of chaos. Honestly, this episode is less games and a lot of real life stuff, but we do talk about the Doom Eternal delay and new PlayStation 5 news. All […]

Game Crunch – 328 – Goop

This week on Game Crunch: Mike offers final thoughts on Link’s Awakening and some initial thoughts on the full version of Dragon Quest XI for the Switch. Nick goes to the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Together with Brandon they discuss some early Game of the Year nominations to round out the episode. All this and […]

Game Crunch – 327 – Alexa! Bidet!

This week on Game Crunch: Mike takes on the remake of the classic Link’s Awakening. Is it worth it? Maybe. Nick tries out the Nintendo Switch Lite and he gets his Borderlands fix with Tales from the Borderlands. Brandon returns to the Xbox One with Outer Wilds and also tries out Session. All this and […]