Game Crunch – 106 – Subtly Touched

This week on Game Crunch: Mike, Brandon and Nick return to game playing after all of the E3 hype.  Brandon starts out by sharing his rather massive list of spoils from the Steam sale. From Dishonored to Duck Game to Subnautica he snagged quite the spread.  Mike shares how some E3 disappointment lead to a […]

Game Crunch – 105 – Happy E3 To Everyone

This week on Game Crunch:  E3 IS HERE!  Mike, Brandon and Nick talk about the big news from E3.  From the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo conferences to the games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian, and Earthbound Beginnings we try and sort through all of the excitement (and disappointments) over this […]

Game Crunch – 104 – Oh, It’s Ink

This week on Game Crunch:  Tom returns (possibly as a squid) and talks about the life consuming game Splatoon! Brandon shares his final thoughts on Hatred and jumps into the console wars reborn in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1.  Meanwhile, Nick is all aboard the Fallout 4 hype train and passing the time by playing Fallout […]

Game Crunch – 103 – We Will See

This week on Game Crunch: With E3 looming the Game Crunch crew shares their outlandish E3 predictions! The first order of business though: Splatoon!  Mike and Brandon share their thoughts on the addictive ink splattering game.  Mike also takes on a piece of the Humble Nindie Bundle with SteamWorld Dig.  Brandon on the flip side […]

Game Crunch – 102 – Intimate Conversation

This week on Game Crunch: This week’s holiday left Mike and Brandon on their own to catch up on what they’ve been playing and the news leading into E3.  With Brandon’s shiny and new Playstation TV he’s found himself uncovering a new catalog of games he hasn’t been able to experience yet, like Muramasa Rebirth and […]

Game Crunch – 101 – Taintclouds

This week on Game Crunch: Now that Mike has made his final peace with Donkey Kong 64 he soars into his next adventure on the islands of Baten Kaitos Origins.  Nick and Brandon on the other hand take gaming to the road with Project CARS.  The group also takes time to talk about their time with […]

Game Crunch – 100 – Georgia No Peaches

This week on Game Crunch: Game Crunch is 100!  Mike wanted a 100th episode extravaganza so that is what the crew set out to deliver!  Starting off the episode Game Crunch is happy to unveil their new theme song delivered by the one and only NLoyalist! This week’s episode is a game debate episode with the […]

Game Crunch – 99 – Deaf Monkey

This week on Game Crunch: Mike finishes up Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, but now he is forced to finish his greatest foe: Donkey Kong 64.  He is committed to finishing it, but his anger continues to intensify.  Not everyone is on the hate train this week though, Nick picks up Shovel Knight for the PS4 and […]

Game Crunch – 98 – Janky Kang

This week on Game Crunch: Mike and Nick spend some time with Big Blue.  No, it is not a new F-Zero game, but the awesome new Mario Kart 8 content! After craving it for a while, Brandon finally jumps into Bravely Default.  However, the meat and potatoes of this episode though is in the news! […]

Game Crunch – 97 – Fresh Off The Precious

This week on Game Crunch:  Mike continues his adventures on the Bionis in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and unleashes his true feelings about Donkey Kong 64 in his first attempt to play the game.   Brandon returns to Grand Theft Auto V, now better in first person.  Tom talks about his quest to play Fire Emblem […]