Order 333 – 34 – Brandiel

After this week’s episode I think it’s safe to say that we have had a lot of pent up craziness since the first few episodes of the year were full of purpose.  Barely a minute into the episode the brake lines are cut, the stop signs are pulled out, everyone has blue shells and it’s […]

Order 333 – 33 – Triple-A Podcast

It seems fitting that the 33rd episode of Order 333 is something incredibly special!  This episode features the return of beloved special guests Phil Haymes and Denis Dyack!  The usual episode format is thrown out the window as the group starts off with a discussion on Denis’ recent university talk titled the Video Game Renaissance […]

Order 333 – 32 – You’re Fired!

This week the Order 333 podcast starts to get back to some normalcy.  Now that 2013 is out of the way it’s time for the crew to buckle into a new year of what they’ve been playing.  Some of of the games talked about this week include: Rogue Legacy, Metal Gear Rising, Papers Please, Virtue’s […]

Order 333 – 31 – GAME OF THE YEAR!

It’s time to discuss GAME OF THE YEAR!  Mike, Brandon and Tom sit down to discuss a group top ten games of the year.  There is bargaining, betrayal, surprises and tears involved to bring together a unified top ten.  Afterwards the three share their own top ten game lists and move onto predictions for gaming […]

Order 333 – 30B – Game of the Year Awards (Part Two)

It’s the second part of the Game of the Year Awards!  This part contains: Best Sequel, Best Character, Best Surprise, Best Use of Troy Baker, Things That Need to Stop and Best Moment. We go into some detail in each game and, as fair warning, if you didn’t use 2013 to play these games and […]

Order 333 – 30 – Game of the Year Awards (Part One)

Our second episode of Order 333’s Best of 2013 starts off our Game of the Year category awards!  In this episode we cover: Best Soundtrack, Best Use of Motion or Camera Controls, Best News Story, Best DLC or Add-On, Game That Should Be Made Into a Franchise, Game More Painful Than Torture and Most Emotional […]

Order 333 – 29 – Order 333’s Best of 2013

Happy New Year!  2014 is upon us!  We wanted to start out the year with a look back at the last beginning with an episode going over our favorite moments of Order 333 in 2013.  It’s fair to assume you will get to experience the spectrum of the Order featuring classic moments, classic jokes and […]

Order 333 – 28 – Devil’s Advocate

As promised last week, the discussion on the news regarding YouTube’s policy changes is here!  While both Mike and Brandon are looking for an honest discussion on what is going on things get heated between the pair when they can’t get two opposing viewpoints to meet.  Next up in what they have been playing Mike touches […]

Order 333 – 27 – The Seats Are Too Nice

Mike, Brandon and Tom are joined this week by Samus and Sean to talk about all of the fun new things.  From video games to VGX this week’s Order 333 covers the things you love.  This week Brandon may be frozen, but it’s not because it’s 60 outside.  Tom cries because his Metroid doesn’t crawl. […]

Order 333 – 26 – Can’t Get More Real Than This

Things get interesting when Mike, Brandon and Tom are left to record the podcast with out any guests this week.  Aside from talking about Super Mario 3D World, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, XCOM: Enemy Within and other releases they devolve into talking about games from the future (not really), ask for divine intervention to […]