Order 333 – 76 – What Does Your Beeper Say?

This week on Order 333: Nick learns why Metroid can’t crawl while catching up on Super Metroid for the first time.  Continuing the trend Mike plays Halo: Combat Evolved for the first time thanks to the Halo: Master Chief Collection!  He wonders why his Warthog can’t drive! Meanwhile, Brandon finds the best method of transportation of […]

Order 333 – 75 – Press A To Jason

This week on Order 333: Nick defies the best advice he has ever been given and plays Metroid for the NES.  Chris also finds himself taking one for the team by playing Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  Brandon returns to an old favorite of this year South Park: The Stick of Truth. Meanwhile, Mike finds himself using […]

Order 333 – 74 – Not Tom The Lesser

This week on Order 333: Mike flies to the moon with his final thoughts on Bayonetta, although it could also be his immense excitement for the announcement of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 3DS.  A bit further down in space Chris is cultivating the future of humanity in Civilization: Beyond Earth.  Brandon finds himself in […]

Order 333 – 73 – For The Kids

This week on Order 333:  Brandon survives doing Extra Life (and playing The Evil Within for a second time) for the kids and lives to tell the tale!  Mike gives us first impressions of a nearly five year old game with Bayonetta!  Meanwhile, Not Tom (Nick) shares his lofty goals of beating his entire gaming […]

Order 333 – 72 – Badass Music Wizard

This week on Order 333: Fitting for the Halloween podcast Mike and Brandon start this podcast in hell with The Evil Within.  But, when you are at the bottom you can only go up from there! Nick takes the podcast to the moon with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Meanwhile, Mike finds himself in heaven with Fantasia: […]

Order 333 – 71 – Crippling Final Smash

This week on Order 333: Mike and Brandon tag team this week’s major game topics!  The duo both spent some time with Hyrule Warriors, The Evil Within and the Bayonetta 2 demo and one of the titles triggers a big difference of opinion.  Don’t forget Tom’s here too and still Super Smash Bros-ing it up! […]

Order 333 – 70 – Settle It In Smash!

This week on Order 333: It’s the second Game Debate episode!  In honor of the Super Smash Bros release this week all of the questions are Nintendo themed.  Who would you like to see in Smash in the future?  How did Nintendo earn some of it’s ill will? Will Nintendo fulfill the dream of Amiibo? […]

Order 333 – 69 – Father Frodo

This week on Order 333: While Tom is out giving birth Mike plays a baby birth simulator: Metroid: The Other M.  Brandon shares the secret to eternal life with those in Middle Earth in Shadow of Mordor.  Meanwhile, Chris catches us up on what he’s been playing and why he thinks Destiny will keep its […]

Order 333 – 68 – Enter Your Lies Now

This week on Order 333:  Mike begs the crew to try out a game of Fibbage before the podcast and they all ________! -Couldn’t Stop Playing -Loved It -Lost To Tom Wait!  All of those are true! Meanwhile, Brandon is still going strong with Destiny, Tom tries to squeeze in game time where he can […]

Order 333 – 67 – Pull Destiny Out Of Your Claws

This week on Order 333: Brandon is forced to stop playing Destiny to fulfill his destiny of being on the podcast.  Tom reaffirms his undying love for Mega Man in Super Smash Bros 3DS. Meanwhile, Mike makes a shocking revelation on the future of his 3DS game purchases.  Other topics this week include: Dead Rising […]