Game Crunch – 151 – Shivering Isles In Space

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon takes flight in Star Fox Zero and returns to his old mistress Overwatch as the final release draws more and more near.  Mike, thanks to the Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle, finally took the time to take Affordable Space Adventures for a spin.  Also he completely forgot that he played Alan Wake finally – so there’s that!  Wrapping up what they’ve been playing Nick talks about the Ratchet and Clank movie, he talks a bit about Destiny (remember that game?) and starts something new with Wolfenstein: The New Order.  The excitement doesn’t stop there though!  Nintendo’s investor news takes up a lot of discussion. Did they mess up E3?  Can the NX launch properly in March?  So many questions!  Until next week – Game On!

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