Game Crunch – 190 – Double Hitler

This week on Game Crunch: Game of the Year is over.  Mike has returned from Australia.  There is a lot to catch up on! The crew is back for a regular episode for the first time in what seems like forever.  Mike starts off by sharing some moments from his trip down under.  He also checks in with his progress on Dragon Quest VIII.  Mike, Nick and Brandon also find they had some common ground in the new mobile release Fire Emblem Heroes.  Nick double dips on Overwatch and starts anew on the PC.  Brandon, despite having played everything, brings a few new games to the table: Yakuza 0, Disgaea 2, Tales of Berseria and Resident Evil VII.  Stay tuned after the episode for Mike’s audio blog from his trip.  All this and more on the latest Game Crunch!  Until next time – Game On!

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