Game Mix – 002 – Mike’s Picks

Welcome back to Game Crunch: Game Mix!  This week’s episode is an slightly updated version of one of the Game Mix prototypes.  In this episode Mike picks some of his favorite video game music tracks to share with you!

Strike The Earth – Shovel Knight – Jake Kaufman – Available on Bandcamp

The Prettiest Weed – Sword & Sworcery LP – Jim Guthrie – Available on BandcampAvailable on AmazonAvailable on iTunes

Moo Moo Meadows – Mario Kart 8 -Atsuko Asahi / Shiho Fujii / Ryo Nagamatsu / Kenta Nagata / Yasuaki Iwata

Destroyed Skyworld (Kid Icarus Uprising) – Super Smash Bros for Wii U / 3DS – Manami Kiyota

The Courtroom’s Magician – Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney – Tomohito Nishiura / Yasumasa Kitagawa

Douse Shinundakara – Gravity Rush – Kohei Tanaka – Available on Playstation Store

Let’s Dance Boys – Bayonetta – Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Parting And… – Xenoblade Chronicles – ACE+


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