Order 333 – 14 – Scary Pigs

This week amazing Mike, evil Brandon and abused Tom have a lot of games and gaming news to talk about in your earholes.  In the midst of a gaming binge Mike brings a lot of video game updates to the table.  Finally, having started and finished Pikmin 3, Mike and Tom are able to compare notes on the experience. Also with the new Scary Pigs (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs)  having released this week the crew is able to talk about what is great and disappointing about the new horror entry.  Also with the Tokyo Game Show looming there isn’t a lack of news on the horizon with discussion on the announcements (Spoiler Alert: We want the PS Vita TV) and we also wiggle our way into a somewhat heated discussion on if Nintendo is in the right position with the Wii U for the holidays and whether or not they can correct ship in time.  It doesn’t end there though!  Also on deck: Uncharted, Killer is Dead, Brothers: Tale of Two Sons (buy it!), Phoenix Wright, Deadly Premonition and more, more, more!

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