Order 333 – 51 – Turn Down For What

This week on Order 333: Brandon and Tom team up for Titanfall, but still no victor is declared.  Brandon explores the shady underworld of Watch_Dogs  while Mike explores the shady real world of counterfeit GBA games and trying to obtain Mario Kart 8 a few days early.  Other topics this week include: Killer is Dead, Wonderful 101, next-gen game delays, Ike in Smash Bros and much more!

Also do you hear that noise? Train a comin’! Get your hype ready.

Order 333 – 50 – Nodnarb At The Big D

This week on Order 333: It’s our 50th episode!  Mike here and it’s so hard for me to believe that we’ve been making this podcast for nearly a year at this point.  While I definitely think the looming 1st anniversary is probably a more monumental milestone there is definitely something about hitting that celebretory number count to get people excited.  That said we did our best to deliver!  This week we hit on a lot of our podcast staples that I know long time listeners should enjoy, threw in a fun segment about Nintendo crossovers and FINALLY finished our Dead Space community play through, which is waiting for you after the proper podcast for those who weren’t interested or did not want to be spoiled.  On top of that this week we talked about: Godzilla, Wonderful 101, Titanfall, Wolfenstein: The New Order and, of course, a bunch more on top of that.  We hope you all enjoy this episode!  Thanks for all of the support!

Order 333 – 49 – Pocket Tanks!

This week on Order 333: Tom and Brandon face off in Mario Golf: World Tour to determine who is the best, but Tom may be out to achieve a solo victory in Pocket Tanks! Mike, meanwhile, continues to save the world of 199X in Earthbound and talks big about it’s unreleased sequel, Mother 3.  Other topics this week include: Xbox One now with less Kinect and other major changes to Xbox, Disney Infinity, FTL and much more!

Order 333 – 48 – Tom’s School of Enthusiasm

This week on Order 333 Tom lays down a challenge on Mario Golf: World Tour.  Mike finds himself obsessed with Vita through games like No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! and Pixeljunk Monsters HD Ultimate.  Meanwhile, Brandon binges on Game of Thrones and Max Payne 3.  Other topics this week include: Nintendo News Overload, Earthbound, Amplitude, and so much more!

Order 333 – 47 – Mouse Rat Hipster

This week on Order 333 Tom strikes gold, or goff with the Mario Golf World Tour demo.  Mike reminisces on days gone by with NES Remix 2 and a return to Rapture in Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea.  Meanwhile Brandon gushes over Child of Light.  Can you hear the faint noise of the oncoming E3 hype train?  Other topics this week include: Mario Kart 8, Reggie Filsamech, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and much more!

Order 333 – 46 – Speaking of DOA

This week on Order 333 Tom takes to the sky with his Love Trousers… err Luftrausers.  Goff-aah!  Brandon is on the defensive standing up for the best (?) fighting game of all time and standing against day one downloadable content.   Meanwhile, Mike takes some creative liberties in the editing of this episode in the midst of falling back into his addiction of Rhythm Heaven.  Other topics this week include: Mafia 2, Watch_Dogs, Mario Golf’s season pass and a brief foray into theater productions.

Order 333 – 45 – Look It’s A Lion!

This week on Order 333 Mike takes on the challenge to break Brandon during the podcast?  Can he do it?  Can Brandon finish his review of The Raid 2 unbroken?  Meanwhile, Tom also finds himself loving baseball bats, but for a completely different reason and that is Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball.  Other topics this week include: Batman: Arkham City, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, True Stories of A Mario Kart Champion, Love Trousers, 3 Stars of Destiny and so much more!

Order 333 – 44 – Awesome Little Prince

This week on Order 333 Brandon plays Theatrhythm Final Fantasy while we record the podcast.  Tom (finally!) finishes Bravely Default and unleashes his power of ungrammar on his recording mates.  Mike speaks of an era long lost, the 80’s, while talking about FarCry 3: Blood Dragon.  Meanwhile guest Chris gives Mike an ego boost and talks about how much he loves Tom’s jokes, which is sad, but at least he talks about a lot of games!  Other topics this week include: Game_Jam meltdown, Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, Tomodachi Life and so much more!

Order 333 – 43 – Dear Diary, I Was On The Planet Zeb-Boos

This week on Order 333 Brandon helps the crew differentiate between types of open world games.  Tom inadvertently creates a new super hero named Nightqueen.  Eric talks about the finer points of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.  Meanwhile, Mike gets accused of being Metroid.  Why can’t he crawl?  We don’t know, but he objects a lot!  Other topics this week include: L.A. Noire, Metro 2033, Advance Wars, Renegade Kid’s new Kickstarter game Cult County and so much more!