Order 333 – 07 – Devolved Into Insanity

I am at a loss of words to describe this episode.  This week Mike, Eric, Brandon, Samus and Aaron (and surprise guests) discuss the Kickstarter relaunch and San Diego Comic Con.  This short podcast then wraps up with the community play through of Edwin Lindsay’s chapter in Eternal Darkness.  Also there is an Order 333 community driven contest this week!  Check out the podcast notes on the Precursor Forum for more details!  We want you to have awesome community made Shadow of the Eternals things!  Good luck!

Order 333 – 06 – His Sanity. His Insanity.

A new week means that there is a new episode of Order 333.  This week Brandon, Mike and Tom are joined by two new guests: NLoyalist and Samus. This week in Shadow of the Eternals news we talk about the T-Shirt contest, the console poll and talk about the impending relaunch.  Then in the community play through we talk about Maximilian Roivas and his sanity.  Wrapping up the podcast we go through now playing and news covering topics like: New Street Pass Plaza Games, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Pacific Rim and more! This can’t be happening!

Order 333 – 05 – Refreshing Steam

Before I even talk about this episode I need to thank NLoyalist and his network of talent for putting together an awesome theme song for out podcast.  You guys rock!  This week we have put together an incredible episode as Mike, Brandon and Tom are joined by Precursor Games’ Social Media Manager, Phil Haymes for arguably what is our best and craziest episode yet.  There is quite a lot to talk about this week in Shadow of the Eternals news: The Chronicles, Contests AND the Kickstarter launch has a date!  We talk about the fourth chapter of Eternal Darkness staring Karim.  Then we move into our now playing topics covering: Hannibal, Civ V: Brave New World, Skullgirls, Cube World and much more!  Enjoy!

Order 333 – 04 – Love Me Some Pargons

Brandon, Tom, Mike and returnee Eric team up for an exciting fourth episode.  With little solid news as Shadow of the Eternals builds towards it’s relaunch we do some speculating and talk about being constructive community members.  Following that up we move on to talk about Anthony’s chapter in our Eternal Darkness play through.  In our now playing section we graze upon a variety of topics including Project X Zone, Walking Dead: 400 Days, Fire Emblem: Awakening, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and much more!  Finally, we wrap up talking about a few great games from the past that we wanted to recommend and a pinch of news.

Order 333 – 03 – Tom Cries Every Time

This week’s episode has Brandon, Tom, Mike and Eric.  The group starts off talking about Shadow of the Eternals news.  Despite the fact there really wasn’t much news to speak of a little bit of speculation and tangental mastery takes the discussion in interesting directions.  Following that up the group moves into part two of the community play through of Eternal Darkness and plays Ellia’s chapter.  We then have a large conversation about what we are now playing.  We talk Deadpool, Luigi U, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Borderlands 2 DLC, Pushmo and so much more! Then we wrap up on news to finish up another great episode!

Order 333 – 02 – This Can’t Be Happening!

The second episode of Order 333 reunites Mike, Brandon and Tom with two new guests: Sean and Denis Dyack!  The group starts off talking about Shadow of the Eternals news including E3, community videos and the Kickstarter prelaunch.  Denis shares an interesting story he remembers reading that relates to the community.  Help us find it!  However, before you ask, the story is not Thinking as a Hobby by William Golding.  Discussion then moves into the first part of the Eternal Darkness play through covering the story of Pious Augustus.  Following that, now playing topics include: Last of Us, Soul Sacrifice, Skulls of the Shogun, Gunpoint, Stardrive, the Hydrogen Sonata and more!  Wrapping up we talk about the changes to the Xbox One’s DRM, Project Spark, Steam sharing, the Kickstarter game A Hat in Time and much more!  Join us for our newest and most exciting podcast yet!

Order 333 – 01 – We Are The Order!

Welcome to the first episode of Order 333. Order 333 is a community driven podcast supporting Shadow of the Eternals and it’s incredible community.


The first episode unites Mike (Clash of Penguin), Brandon (kagatoASUKA89) and Tom (wassup2022).


The podcast starts off with the group talking about what they are playing.  Topics include Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Marvel Super Heroes, even more Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem: Awakening, FTL: Faster Than Light and Project X Zone.


Following that they dive into a huge discussion on E3 and what Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo brought to the table.  After cramming as much as they can talk about into the segment they wrap up with some Shadow of the Eternals at E3 and speculation on what the future of the project holds.


The music used is Bathory’s Theme – Shadow of the Eternals by Giancarlo Feltrin