Order 333 – 27 – The Seats Are Too Nice

Mike, Brandon and Tom are joined this week by Samus and Sean to talk about all of the fun new things.  From video games to VGX this week’s Order 333 covers the things you love.  This week Brandon may be frozen, but it’s not because it’s 60 outside.  Tom cries because his Metroid doesn’t crawl.  Mike wishes Miyamoto was nicer to him because he lives in the Magnited States of America.  Samus crushes things with a boulder – NOT a morph ball – important distinction.  Sean gets Brandon to eat his words.  Oh, it’s such a perfect day!

Order 333 – 26 – Can’t Get More Real Than This

Things get interesting when Mike, Brandon and Tom are left to record the podcast with out any guests this week.  Aside from talking about Super Mario 3D World, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, XCOM: Enemy Within and other releases they devolve into talking about games from the future (not really), ask for divine intervention to prove a point (really) and Tom develops a strange new voice (definitely).  We also get Isaac to restart the engines so we can get back on track in our Dead Space playthrough.  All this and more in the latest (and possibly craziest) episode of Order 333.

Order 333 – 25 – K1 Jelly Sauce

We hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving and the post holiday shopping insanity!  We’re back from the eating to talk about all of the new games!  This week we talk about Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, the Xbox One launch including Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 and the amazing and sadly overlooked platformer Tearaway.  Have you ever heard Tom cry to the blue corn moon?

Order 333 – 24 – Sound Like a Whale

Tom may be missing, but that leaves room for new guests!  This week Mike, Brandon and Samus are joined by first timers Jeff and Monica!  We spend a bit of time talking about the new Playstation 4 and a smattering of launch titles: Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Contrast, Resogun and more!  Amidst the new stuff we also get to talk about fun Netflix movies including cheesy horror flicks.  It also felt appropriate that with the beginning of the season of gaming we also start a new segment, Tales of Retail, where Samus shares some of his retail stories that one could never imagine!  Plus Tom sounds like a whale!

Order 333 – 23 – Space In Us

This week you might be wanting to throw on your engineering suit and join us for a little discussion of Dead Space in our continuing community play through.  Mike, Tom, Brandon, Eric and Samus, while not having the longest list of games being played, take you on an adventure through Pokemon, Legend of Korra, Wii Fit U, and more.  Before the podcast goes critical and threatens to self-destruct we continue onto the news and wrap it up with a bit of Dead Space and, well, shenanigans! All in pursuit to find the space in us!

Order 333 – 22 – Spiders in Bananas

We’re back!   Brandon is missing this week, but that doesn’t stop Mike and Tom with guest Jessica from bringing all of the fun.  This week we do a brief followup on Halloween, we also talk Wii Fit U and Wii Party U while Jessica clicks a bajillion cookies. Further along we announce the final winners of the Order 333’s 33 Days of Halloween contest.  And if our usual game industry news talk isn’t a lot we dare to deviate into some insane news stories from around the world.  All of this fun and more in this week’s Order 333!

Order 333 – 21 – TURN DOWN THE PUMPKIN!

Happy Halloween!  This podcast was recorded at the end of the day on the 30th and into the early hours of the 31st.  It’s almost clear that the magick of Halloween in the air did something to us as the day switched and we started to get in very fine form the further we recorded.  While listening to Mike, Brandon, Tom and Eric talking about Phoenix Wright, the Stanley Parable and the news you should prepare yourself for an extra dose of insanity and random bursts of singing.  This episode is the definition of trick or treat!

Order 333 – 20 – Math In Space!

It’s another milestone episode and we have another special podcast for you!  This week were incredibly happy to have a returning special guest, Samus!  In topics this week we delve a bit more into Pokemon, but also dabble into Wind Waker HD, Tomb Raider and a few more.  In news we discuss the news regarding the Xbox One resolution and whether it matters and also discuss some of the recent Steam and YouTube debacles.  Finally we wrap up with our Dead Space play through covering chapters four and five.  Come celebrate our newest, greatest and most amazing episode of Order 333 with us!

Order 333 – 19 – Tom and the Dry Heaving Potato

It’s Sunday so you are likely asking yourself what are the topics of discussion for the new Order 333 podcast.  This week it’s simple.  Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon and a little dash of Pokemon.  We talk what is new, our teams, our favorite new additions to the series and why we think people new to the series or those who have never played before should pick this up.  Follow that up with a dash of news and the next part of the Dead Space playthrough and you have yourself a new podcast!

Order 333 – 18 – She Gokus Herself

The Order 333 crew is joined by Sean this week to bring you the newest, bestest and coolest podcast that you expect.  Nay. Deserve!  In this week’s docket we cover games from Beyond: Two Souls to Grand Theft Auto V to Wind Waker HD.  From there we offer a sprinkling of news and wrap it all up with the first part of our Dead Space community play through covering chapters one and two.  That is this week’s episode in a package – err – or crate.  Now make like Isaac Clarke and stomp it into your earholes.