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Game Crunch

Mar 17, 2018

This week on Game Crunch: While the Mike, Brandon and Nick talk about the games they played this week the big focus is the news!  With a ton of announcements from Nintendo this week there is a lot exciting things to speculate about.  From Smash Bros to No More Heroes if you are a Switch […]

Mar 9, 2018

This week on Game Crunch: Mike brings back his gaming corner to talk about Okami and Okamiden.  Brandon enters the World of Final Fantasy.  Nick buys Radiant Historia! There is a bunch of news looming with a Nintendo Direct on the way, but recorded before, so see for yourself if we hit the mark on […]

Mar 2, 2018

This week on Game Crunch: Nick returns to Disgaea 5.  Mike decides to use his lack of new games to talk about one he’s loved in the past that you may have missed: Infinite Space.  Brandon survives more Metal Gear and decides to step on his soap box to defend it.  He also takes on […]

Feb 23, 2018

This week on Game Crunch: Nick gets new Joycons for his Switch and takes Rocket League for a spin.  Brandon cleans up on the Steam store from Dynasty Warriors 9 to Slay the Spire to Celeste.  He also sells his soul to Konami for access to the Metal Gear Survive beta.  Mike tries winning money […]

Feb 18, 2018

This week on Game Crunch: Mike comes to the cruel realization that the Civilization VI expansion isn’t coming right away for Mac.  Brandon tries out the alpha for Hunt: Showdown. Nick gets back into the world of gaming tournaments.  Thankfully, news is hopping this week with Kingdom Hearts 3 tidbits, Metroid Prime...