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Game Crunch

Mar 25, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon gets his tax return and invests in gaming!  Now that he has the games to play does he have the time?  Between Pokken Tournament, Hitman, Stardew Valley, and a bunch of others with incredibly long titles how can he find a way to balance time with The Division? Mike […]

Mar 18, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon finds himself invested in two games that want his time: The Division and Stardew Valley.  Mike finds himself reminiscing over the Wii launch title Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess now in glorious HD.  Nick and DJ find themselves cleaning up their backlog – or attempting too at least...

Mar 11, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: Game Debate, Activate! For this week’s Game Debate we talked all things Pokemon to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary! The series that everyone proclaimed to be only a fad in the 90’s that still captivates gamers to this day.  The cast talks about their first memories with Pokemon and...

Mar 4, 2016

This week on Game Crunch:  Brandon thinks Superhot is one of the best shooters to come out in years!  Also, now that he has played Street Fighter V, it is time for him to have some words about it with DJ about. Nick and Brandon both share their experiences with Disgaea for the PC.  Nick […]